History - BMX Australia 2003

April 2003


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July 2003

BMX in the Olympics!

July 14, 2003 and it is announced that BMX will Officially be in the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, China.

July 25th.-27th. UCI - BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, were held in PERTH (AUSTRALIA) at the Burswood Dome with over 1600 riders from 27 countries competing.

Results - Elite

Junior women - Emma FRANKLIN, 5th. Renee JUNGA, 6th. Krystal CRANFIELD, 7th
Elite Women - Natarsha WILLIAMS, 4th. Tanya BAILEY, 5th. Alice JUNG, 6th. Kate ELLIOT, 7th
Elite Men - Wade BOOTES, 7th
Elite Cruiser - Luke MADILL, 3rd. Jamie GRAY, 4th

Results - Challenge

Junior Cruiser - Todd WILLIAMS, 7th

Australia dominated the Challenge classes topping the medal tally with an impressive 16 gold, 12 silver and 14 bronze medals.



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