History - BMX Australia 1995

BMX Australia Inc.

President - Lindsay Wallace
Vice President - Graham Arnold
Secretary - Julie Hays
Finance Director - David Hemphill
Board Members - Rosa Howell, Abe Schneider, Ray Stanley
Executive Director - Rob Ferguson
Coaching Director - Sean Scott
National Registrar - Robyn Robinson
Holeshot Editor - Phil Smith
National Councillors - Ron Stephens, Peter Goldstone-James, Charlie Fishwick, John Leary, Paul Berry, Ian Telfer, Diana Berg, Darryl Floyd

April 1995

The Australian BMX National Championships were held in Canberra April 14-15, and titled "Storming the Capital". 978 entries were received with every State represented.




Nationals Officials

Event Manager - Lindsay Wallace
Race Director - Cary Jennings
Track Manager - Peter King
Chief Stewards - Tony Godressi, Ray Stanley
Assistant Chief Stewards - Brian Esplin, Bill Dunkley, Ken Silsby, Gary Macklin, Bill Johnson, George Gould
Track Stewards - Tom Williams, Bob Dwight, Sue Hillier, Peter Gwynne, Reg Thursby, Karl Gniatkiewicz, Brian Hounsell, Sally Junga, Errol Domin, Danny McGowan, Wally Scott, Ken Williams, Bob Roughly, Greg Clarke, Greg Pink, Denis Percy, Richard Turessen, Des Haren
Staging - Alan Youdell, Cheryl Poole, Bill Murray, Ron Dundas, Eddie Phillips, Kevin Harvey, Peter Shepard, John Crawford, Chris Boakes, Linda Nielsen, Anna Manual, John Boorman, Alan Black, Russell Palmer, Wayne Gray
Scrutineering - Peter Moyle, Rod Wilson, Stuart Marshall, Errol Domin, Sid Schmid
Starters - Robert Baird, Craig Slatter, Alf Wood, Terry Crosby, Charlie Gambin, Lindsay Holmes
Finish Line - David Beresford, Ian Beaton, Monika Brookes, Arnold Patch, Tracey Watson, Sally Jollifree, Keith Lamont, John Van Der Sanden, Graham Horsfall, June Wood, Gary Brookes, Tina Percy, Graham Arnold, Wendy Brown, Bev Raymond, Liz Cullen, Pauline Horsfall, Stuart Marshall, Lyn Fox, Jane Bossons, Jenny Norton, Mina Crickshank, Neil Raymond, Alec Faux
Scoring - Robyn Robinson, Rosa Howell, Val Patch, Lyn Baird, Rhonda Johnson, David Hemphill
Distribution - Julie Hayes, Tim Dunkley, Peter Moyle
Bails - Dianna Berg, Claire Wilson, Lorraine Dunkley, Barbara Darrell, Helen Baxter, Jan Colsen, Joy Marsh, Kaylene Domin
Camera - Peter Goldstone-James, Lyn Bryant
Race Referee - Alec Downie
Competitor Advocate - Brian Jones
Commentators - Peter Tight, Abe Schneider, Peter Bracka, Jay Dominie, Ron Stephens
Mobile Mics - Judie Alabaster, Col Pring

July 1995

July 28-29-30th. The 5th I.BMX.F. - UCI World Championships were held in Melgar - Colombia. Australia finished 4th on the overall medal tally with 3 Gold Medals.

Seniors 18 & over: Kamahl Lord, World Champion
Junior ladies 16: Rachael Marshall, World Champion
Girls 13-14: Hannah Chrzanowski, World Champion

September 1995

Transponders were first introduced and trialled in the BMX World Cup event in England. The initial versions were adopted from car racing before being specifically designed for cycling.

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