Advisory Board

A special Advisory Board made up of Champion ex-riders and Officials, informs the Australian BMX Museum with direction and guidance.  This board is also responsbile for overseeing the Australian BMX Hall Of Fame. The Advisory Board members are:

  • Cameron Mitchell (Chair)
  • Abe Schneider
  • Ross Fisher
  • Jamie Hales
  • Wade Bootes
  • Luke Madill
  • BMX Australia - Dale Percy


Cameron Mitchell (Chair)

Cameron is co-founder of the Australian BMX Museum, and The Australian BMX Hall Of Fame. Cameron raced BMX in the 1980's winning 4 World #1 Titles as well as numerous State and National #1's. He was the youngest sportsperson to ever appear on the ABC Sportstar of the year awards in 1984, going up against a host of Olympians.  Cameron is a BMX Victoria Hall Of Fame Inductee. Cameron is the head of an Audio recording facility and Multimedia Company both based in Melbourne.

Abe Schneider

Abe Schneider is one of the longest serving Officials the Sport of BMX in Australia has known. He was also a founding member of BMX Australia. Abe was there in the beginning of the sport in Western Australia in the late 1970's until retiring from BMX Australia in 2014. Abe has held the highest positions of Office within the sport of BMX. He has fulfilled the roles of President of BMX Australia, and President of BMX UCI International. Abe has held many positions over the years including Australian National Selector, and Director of BMX Australia. Abe is a BMX Australia Life Member. Abe currently runs a highly successful business from Perth, Western Australia.

Ross Fisher

Ross is a former Victorian (VBMXA), Australian (ABMXA) and International (IBMXF) President. He was the first Australian to be given the prestigious opportunity to oversee the sport of BMX at the highest level of Office available. Ross is a BMX Australia Life Member. Ross is now retired and resides in Melbourne.

Jamie Hales

Jamie was the first Australian BMX "Superstar". Jamie dominated the sport of BMX in the early 1980's winning multiple State and National Titles, as well as World #2 back in 1981. He conducted some of the very first BMX Coaching Clinics in the early 1980's, and was a household name, featuring on the packaging of iconic ceral, WeetBix. Jamie is a VBMXA Hall Of Fame Member, and was the very first Australian BMX Hall Of Fame Inductee in 2016. Jamie is the owner of an IT company, based in Melbourne.

Wade Bootes

Wade is the current National BMX Head Coach of the High Performance Unit. Wade has vast experience in the sport of BMX, starting his career in the early 1980's and racing for decades. He has won many Titles in the sport of BMX both in Australia and as a PRO racer in the USA. He has also had a highly successfull career in Mountain Biking (MTB). Wade is a three time Australian Cyclist of the year, Life Member of BMX South Queensland, and a decorated coach, now based on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Luke Madill

Luke has had a long and successful career in BMX. He began racing at an early age and has won many State, National and World BMX Titles. Luke represented Australia at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the first time that BMX as a sport was offered on the Worlds biggest sporting stage. He currently fulfills the role of National Development Academy Coach for BMX Australia. He is a 2 x Cycling Australia BMX rider of the year award winner. Luke is a highly sought after coach, and is a BMX Australia Life Member - the only rider to achieve such prestigous status.

BMX Australia - Dale Percy

Dale Percy is the Vice President of BMX Australia. His role at BMX Australia includes supporting BMX Australia Board and Staff members, as well as working with key business partners to ensure vision and growth for the sport.


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