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HeadshotHave you won a World Title? Multiple Australian Titles perhaps? Or have you simply never left the sport in over 30 years? We want to hear from you. We are currently asking for help in compiling Profile pages in each of the categories: Riders, Officials, Industry. If you think you should be featured, or know someone that should, then please get in contact with us. We want to know: When you started in BMX; Your most significant achievements; Your sponsors; A bit about yourself; A bunch of photos from back in the day; and any other information that could be useful in creating your profile page.


A great number of people have influenced the sport of BMX in Australia since it's beginnings in 1977. The Australian BMX Museum aims to shed light on those individuals who have played a significant role over the years.  Of course we have dozens of Champion riders of all ages, and we will recognise their National and International achievements through Profile Pages. In addtion to recognising riders, it is also important to profile Officials of the sport and important Industry figures, both of whom without, the sport would not exist.

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