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Cameron Mitchell was one of Australia's first World BMX champions. In 1983 at the age of 7 he completed a clean sweep of State, National and International #1's. Racing for many years for the highly successful Diamond Back racing team, Cameron was a dominant figure throughout the 1980's.

1983 Diamond BackCameron grew up on a wheat and sheep farm near the small town of Woomelang, North West Victoria (the Mallee) and began racing in 1981 at the newly formed BMX club in nearby Sea Lake. Cameron is one of 4 boys, all of whom immediately began racing BMX together. Showing early signs of talent, Cameron and his brothers were quickly picked up by the Cobra Factory Team (Toowoomba Bicycle Company) in 1982 with Cameron winning #3 Victoria and #3 Australia plates. During the drought of 1982, Cameron's father Stephen built the boys a full length BMX track in their back yard, complete with floodlights, start gate and finish line. The track had 4 lanes, and even had some local competitions held on it.

With support from Mildura Bicycle Shop owner Alan Cameron, the Mitchell family quickly moved to the much lighter JMC frames and after being seen by Jim Melton himself at Sydney's Metro West racing against his very own American Factory Team riders, the entire family were promptly signed as full Factory Team JMC members. Cameron would go on to win the 1983 National Title in Ashmore QLD in the 7 Class as well as the VBMXA State Title.1983 With Molly Meldrum

Cameron was immediately sponsored by the Diamond Back Factory Team and a special new Turbolite frame was rushed out to Australia just in time for Cameron to head to the IBMXF World Titles in Holland, in August of 1983. The Diamond Back Turbolite was the second production frame ever built (SN:3E0002). Cameron dominated the World Titles, never losing a race, winning both his age (7 years) and the Open Class (7 & Under) categories. In 1984 Cameron would defend both titles in Japan, again winning his age (9 Class) and Open Class (8-9 Open) Titles.

In late 1984 Cameron was invited as the youngest ever nominee (aged 9) to attend the ABC Sportstar of the Year Awards held in Sydney. 1984 was an Olympic Year (Los Angeles summer Games) and Cameron went up against some of the countries finest athletes including: Greg Norman, Glynis Nunn, Jon Seiban (winner), The Awesome Foursome (cycling) and America's Cup winning skipper John Bertrand. The National Televsion spotlight was well and truly on the Sport of BMX, and it was an honour for Cameron to be recognised in such great sporting company.

ABC Sportstar award copy

In 1985 after significant fundraising activities by his local community, Cameron made the trek to Whistler, Canada in an attempt to win a 5th World Title. Unfortunately it was not to be, with Cameron crashing out in the Semi's on the notorius first turn that claimed many a victim. Earlier that year, Cameron again won the Australian and State titles. He would go on to win more State #1's and another National #1 in 1987, before taking a year off from racing, and returning for a another 2 seasons in 1989-90 where he made the Australian team for the 1989 World Titles in Brisbane, and finished his career with a National #5 in the 14 Boys Class in 1990. Cameron remained with his same Team Manager from 1983-1990. 

Cameron made numerous Televsion appearances including Young Talent Time, Off the Dish, National and Regional News items, and a Documentary by Neil Kerney on Channel 9's "Looking Around" series.

Name: Cameron Mitchell

Nickname: The Woomelang Wonder

Born: 19 May 1975

Year Started Racing BMX: 1981

Clubs and Affiliations: Sea Lake BMX Club, Bendigo BMX Club, Victorian BMX Association (VBMXA).

Career Highlights:
1982 - ABMXA #3 Australia, 6 Class
1982 - VBMXA #3 Victoria, 6 Class

1983 - IBMXF #1 World Champion 7 Class
1983 - IBMXF #1 World Champion 7 and Under Open Class
1983 - ABMXA #1 Australian Champion, 7 Class
1983 - VBMXA #1 Victorian Champion, 7 Class

1984 - IBMXF #1 World Champion 9 Class
1984 - IBMXF #1 World Champion 8-9 Open Class
1984 - ABMXA #8 Australia, 8 Class
1984 - VBMXA #2 Victoria, 8 Class
Appeared on ABC Sportstar of the Year Awards as the youngest ever finalist.

1985 - ABMXA #1 Australian Champion, 9 Class
1985 - VBMXA #1 Victorian Champion, 9 Class

1986 - ABMXA #2 Australia, 10 Class
1986 - 
VBMXA #1 Victorian Champion, 10 Class

1987 - ABMXA #1 Australian Champion, 11 Class
1987 - VBMXA #1 Victorian Champion, 11 Class

1989 - ABMXA #8 Australia, 13 Class
1989 - VBMXA #2 Victoria, 13 Class

1990 - ABMXA #5 Australia, 14 Class

Retired from racing in 1990

1994 - Inducted into VBMXA Hall of Fame.

1982 - Cobra (Toowoomba Bicycle Company)
1982-83 - JMC Racing
1983-88 - Diamond Back Australia (Technicomps)
1988-90 - ELF Racing (ELAN)

Farm Track
1983 Magazine
1983-WORLD Trophy
ELF Team 1990
1984 Diamond Back Factory Team
1984 Magazine
JMC Factory Team
1983 World Title

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